Image by Papaioannou Kostas



"Actually listen to what young people say. Treat us with respect. Then work out how you and other teachers can work with students as equals".


Young people must be engaged as champions of their own education and life. Young people are uniquely placed to advocate on the issues and policies that impact them, but so often remain an afterthought or simply an end user.


When we asked students about the one thing they would change if they were a principal for a day it was free food, no homework, a less strict uniform policy and less or no school that were the most popular suggestions for a better school experience.


Young people are passionate about these issues. They might seem small or insignificant to adults at first glance, but there are complex underlying issues behind each of these ideas that warrant unpacking and workshopping of new ways of working through a human centred design framework for example.


Uniform and bullying are the two topics where there appears to be the greatest divide between rhetoric and reality, and have high levels of resentment from students towards teachers just simply not understanding students perspective or experience.

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