Young people we heard from are calling for:​

1. More mental health education and training for both  teachers and students,

2. Mental health education to be imbedded more fully into the curriculum,

3. Increased supports and reduction in stigmas surrounding mental health in schools, as well as in the broader community.

Voice of Our Youth recognises the significant levels of service provision and supports that currently exist to support young people's mental heath, but calls for further investment be made in youth mental health prevention and intervention programs. This investment should be from all levels of government to every school and community to better support and address the mental health of our region's young people. It should include the rollout and continued support of evidence-based, community driven youth mental health programs, as well as the capacity development of both school staff members, teachers, parents and students.

Please see page 21 of the full report for the full list of recommendations on mental health.