VOOY recommends the following actions to strengthen vocational education in Victoria:


  • That VCAL/VET/VCE move to a single-certificate framework in Victoria.

  • That VCAL and VET subjects are offered with more flexibility and permeability.

  • That additional resourcing and supports are provided to existing VCAL and VET programs.

  • That VCAL/VET feeder-streams are created and offered for year 7 to 9 students.


VOOY also recommends the following actions to improve mainstream education offerings:


  • A region-wide youth-led review of the national curriculum and its application in schools, to provide its own evidence-based report and findings for broader consideration.

  • Increased access of online course offerings from other schools or institutions to increase study options and subject choice for all students.


Please see page 27 of the full report for the full list of recommendations on curriculum.